Wedding videography

Wedding Videography - one of the most popular topics today. It is relevant for both operators and consumers. We take a look at the problem through the eyes of a videographer.

Rather common problem is to determine what is in essence wedding photography - reportage or staged. We do not claim that this is definitely a sure thing, and, moreover, will not point to the alleged right answer. Let's just say that the wedding photography is the process, rich surprises, unexpected twists, incredible in its complexity and, thus, it is extremely interesting. Now we will try to highlight the most common, but the basic points about the life of a wedding operator.

Step 1. Videography groom

Most often, wedding film begins with shooting the groom. Far from excess may be an agreement with the groom on the shooting conditions, one can agree on exactly what will be the situation in the apartment, to discuss the production. The more meaningful to video, the more thankful to be a member.

Step 2. Videography bride

The claim that it is the bride's visit to one of the most important events of wedding day is unlikely to cause doubt and controversy. This should take into account several parts. Usually the bride shooting time takes longer, but it is less, because the hour is coming cherished registration, passions run high and precious moments, of course, is not enough. There is a common problem - the desire to capture the customer the procedure of "buying out" the bride, which is usually in the hallways, which differ in a bad light and dilapidated walls. It is important to either show great talent in shooting video, or the undeniable credibility, bringing customers to the idea that there is nothing in common between the concepts of "redemption in the entrance" and "art". Of course, you can ask to transfer ransom to the street. But if you refuse, you will not disregard a fixture that promises a lot of problems, especially if the cable from the projector to stretch from the ninth floor to the first.

Step 3. Videography walks

It is that part of the film-making process, where the operator the opportunity to express all the creative, artistic and beautiful thing that has accumulated in his soul. In any city there are certain places that necessarily attend the couple. The operator would be nice to know in advance and plan trips to visit there the day before the wedding make an outline of staged scenes, to determine the angles. Taking a walk is largely dependent on the weather and landscape conditions, but more still on the skill of the operator, his imagination and directorial abilities.

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