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Internet evolved from the ARPANET, created for the exchange of information between the various research centers of the U.S. arms industry and their counterparts abroad.

By 1984, the ARPANET was included in the 1000 computers. Working with this network, the scientists concluded that such networks are necessary tool for scientific research in all fields of activity.

In 1986, the U.S. National Endowment for the connection to the network of a large number of scientific institutions and the development of an international corporation established project NSFNET.

By 1987, the Internet consisted of more than 10,000 computers.

By 1989 - 100000.

In 1990 ARPANET ceased to exist, but the Internet has continued to grow.

In 1995, it is already there were 10 million computers. By this time the Internet has spread beyond the academic world, has become the most important source of information, low-cost global communication tool. Internet goes on the indispensability of one level with a telephone, a TV, and in many ways even exceeds them.

The most important component of the Internet is its technical base. All the computers on the network connected to a plurality of different communication lines, which hold the network as a whole. However, the lines of communication - it's just the beginning. Together with useful information, they can transmit noise.

In the Internet using their own language, rather, a number of languages, called protocols. Computers communicate with each other because of them. With these protocols, the physical network is divided into separate areas, they also allow you to send messages from one area to another...

What is a Web design?

This graphic design, moved in an interactive environment. It essentially comes closest to the polygraph. But, despite the fact that these styles of graphic design visually somewhat similar to each other, the technology of creating them as two different universes. This is understandable, since the specifics of each different design.

What is the purpose of an interactive Web design?

The main purpose of graphic design to the specific ground under an interactive, interface environment to help the user quickly intuitively oriented on his chosen site. Like any other area of design, it must fulfill the basic design rules that are applied to the projected object, in this case the interface, ie make it beautiful, useful, simple, fun to use, etc. When you visit a website user, according to the web-designer should find a resource in general - useful, and in particular - visually pleasing and straightforward. Website design should leave the user a good experience, it is very important to involve the user in the next time. Web-designer, designing a website, it is achieved in seeking to maximize the exact purpose of the project to adapt to the needs of the intended user, ie to simplify the user to work with the site and make this work more convenient, useful and enjoyable.

Marketing perspective it is worth remembering that a product having its presentation, always looks "delicious" similar products without registration that is Graphic design can definitely change the perception of reality, even when the reality remains the same.

Web design, in contrast to the printing industry, is no longer the product design is not a minor and an additional part of it, but the essence of the product itself. Designing the web site designer creates a complete product, and does not draw it. And so the role of design in web project is dominant, and web designer acts as the creator of the product. This implies that the Web design is the essence of Internet projects, and thus the essence of the Internet itself.

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