Secrets of the commercial shots

Often, a good director is easier to remove this beautiful apple, the apple computer than to paint so that it looks like now.

When working with a "capricious" models, such as food and animal creators use all sorts of tricks and intricate ways to make the advertised product presentation.

Successful advertising image or photograph - is the result of the work of many professionals: art director, photographer, producer, special effects artist fudstilista.

Quite often, to create a genre movies bring in foreign experts. Frames product- demo videos foreign often removed with the participation of foreign fudstilistov. For TV commercial vehicle and specific shooting animals also require the participation of the western director.

But we are certainly plenty of nuggets and talented individuals who are able to produce a harmonious and beautiful product. They do not often share the secrets and subtleties of working with moody models: food, animals, children. We tried to combine in this review all known unspoken rules Productions, which shared the advertisers themselves.

Ice cream

Ice cream never shoot live, under the lights, it instantly melts - it's always plastic, silicone or gel mass. It is given the right color, texture, make the ball porous and rough. Flawless waffle cones also be found - anywhere or a piece cut off, or the color is uneven, so I have to sculpt them too. And that does not run off with ice cream jam or honey, laid a thin layer of polyethylene. Sometimes, instead of favorite products use whipped mashed potatoes, but instead of pouring chocolate PVA glue.

As recognized Natalia, food is more capricious than humans. If improperly removed the meat patty, it loses an hour a appetizing and should bear the other - this "photogenic" appearance has already lost... The food is easy on the eyes settles, yellow, dark, for it after all, the survey - an ordeal. But the biggest problem - the shooting of foods that have been frozen and then subjected to hot working.

Jhohn, the special effects: "In reality, almost nothing is being prepared - all decorated by colors, gels, special burners. They are then added again, artificial smoke, which creates the illusion of a hot meal. It can be downright inedible, but it must be beautiful".

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