Printing design

Printed matter in the majority of cases is on the face of the market, so it should look bright and colorful. And hung his face no particular desire to communicate, and beauty requires a significant financial investment. That is passed to one of two evils. But everything can be solved differently, if we approach the issue with a knowledge of printing. Thus, the advantages and flaws of printing or color printing today.

offset printing

Offset printing is a fulfillment of the image in stages. Initially, the printing ink is applied halyard, which is a cylinder coated with a photosensitive layer. Form selectively illuminated, after which the parts become overexposed, ie attract water but repel the oleaginous liquid, in particular paint. On the "dark" part of the print roll the situation is reversed: the paint sticks to form the final image. After that, the printing roller is contacted with the blanket cylinder, which causes the image to the paper. Using additional roll prolongs the life of the photosensitive coating and contributes to a more even application of paint. After contacting the rollers are washed with clean water. Multicolor offset printing is a steady flow of paper under the rollers, which are covered by a different color. Basically, when printing is not used standard computer mixing three colors, printing composition with 4 different tones (CMYK).

Such technology allows to obtain high quality images. Suffice it once to set up the machine to receive multiple copies without stopping equipment. Offset printing can be used for the production of various sizes: flyers, calendars, booklets, business cards. In the latter case it is not necessary to apply this technology to the amount of several hundred copies. Before each layout needs some time to reconfigure the device, and its speed is very high, so even print 300 business cards is unprofitable.

In addition, offset printing suffers relatively long drying paint. To speed up this process and to protect the product from scratch using the new UV paint that instantly paralyzed after exposure to short wave radiation, allowing you to finally pursue treatment immediately after production. The secret lies in the rapid polymerization of paint, then it is not only blurred, but not washed off with water. These paints can be printed on plastic and cardboard.

We conclude: offset printing is good for large volume, which will cover the cost of the UV paint and configuration of the device more than five hundred copies and business cards, for example, hundreds of calendars

Screen printing

The method of screen printing or silk screen for virtually any printed products, from business cards, ending the billboards in 20 square meters. Printing on ceramics, metal, glass, plastic, fabric and, of course, paper and cardboard low degree of whiteness. Printing, as the name implies, is provided to all known cliche, but the scale and technology of manufacturing is somewhat different.

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