What is photogenic? And how to be photographed, to get a photo photogenic?

Many women, so that there is no secret - and men, too, are afraid to be photographed because of fear of looking at the photos unfotogenic, ie - unattractive. Paradoxically, the fact is that many people in life look better than the picture, and vice versa.

The concept of a "photogenic" was suggested by Frenchman Louis Delluc, by definition, is photogenic - is to win people's property in the photo as compared to their appearance in real life, and unphotogenic - it is property of the person to lose the time of photography. In general, the term photogenic came from two English words - "photo" and "gene" - that is, presupposes the existence of beautiful, remarkable, attention is drawn to the external data person in the photo or a movie.

In the understanding of professional photographers, people with photogenic in life does not necessarily have to be beautiful. Photogenic, rather, depends on the expression and sharpness of facial features than on the outer or inner beauty of a woman or a man. Strange, but the photos proved that the sharper contours of the human face, the stronger are issued at the person ahead cheekbones or other irregularities oval face, so it is photogenic! Thus, photogenic - is a property of a person's appearance, which is characterized by non-standard, sharp features, clearly visible in the photo.

Psychologists believe that photogenic depends entirely on... from the man's confidence in himself. History knows many cases where the beautiful and photogenic postpartum women lose self-confidence, and lost their photogenic. Conversely, from the awkward teenage chicks often grow beautiful, photogenic lady.

Why is this happening? Because a picture correctly reflect reality, but not 100%. It is distinguished by the image plane is not always correctly the real contrast and brightness, and distract the attention of foreign elements in the photo. Some photographers think that photogenic determined by the presence or absence of the charismatic man. But just as it largely depends on the photographer. When the subject is not sympathetic to the photographer, you are unlikely to get good shots. But if the photographer does his job with love, carefully suited to shooting every customer is looking for in a man is the best, then, using low-energy make-up, tinted complexion, you can make wonderful pictures.

To find photogenic, you often photographed and then analyze, in which the photos, what clothes and what hairstyle you look better. Fortunately, the endless possibilities of digital cameras. Remember that the concept of beauty and photogenic - it's not the same thing. That is why the ugly in life, men and women can compensate for his lack - it is beautiful to look at photographs. It is important to always smile and feel happy.

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