Pentax 645D camera waiting for a very long time. After all, the first promise to release a digital camera from Pentax were announced back in 2005. In the spring of 2010, sounded loud and confident statement that the digital Pentax 645 to be and many who are looking forward to, and even found a temporary replacement in the face of other brands, again took up the study of forums on the internet in search of information. In autumn 2010 the first lucky owners have this camera, and today one of them could be anyone in any country of the world. Pentax 645D - on the open market, including Russia.

Today the Pentax 645D is the most affordable option of all existing medium-format D-SLR cameras on the market and significantly cheaper than any other system, carrying on board the 40 megapixels.

Over the past years, many great and important manufacturers of medium format left the market, unable to withstand the competition. Pentax company was also in this market before, when produced Pentax 645 and Pentax 67 (later 67II), and thus was a respected manufacturer of pros. Creating a digital camera to the manufacturer with rich experience and the presence of real production, it was only a matter of time. The company has gone through a proven - Integration own very successful 645th sensor system and the popular Kodak, which has the functionality and efficiency comparable to that of a 35mm digital cameras. The matrix size of 44 x 33mm, exactly the same as that used in the backdrops Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad. This dimension of the matrix (44 x 33mm) 1.7 x times the size 35mm (full-frame) digital SLR. It's worth noting that the Pentax 645D is a camera in 2010. Large and bright dashboards, just like the high-end DSLRs, intuitive and comfortable.

In order to satisfy the thirst of fans of the technical details - I give a reference to a popular resource where you can see the evaluation and comparison of the dynamic range of Pentax 645D and other representatives of the medium format. I do not think it's 100% perfect rating, but opinion is opinion. Conclusions makes every man.

At the end of the introduction, I note only that for many professionals is obvious, but for those who like a matter of choice: the system of 35mm and 645 are not interchangeable - are tools for different tasks! In the arsenal of the pros - both systems must be on hand. And for each specific task, the professional selects the correct and ideal tool. You can not compare them - this is not correct and not correct. After all, no one comes to mind to compare runabout or a sports car with a large tourist bus.

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