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Finally! You are now witnesses of the present miracle. And called it a miracle - live pictures. One day, a photographer from New York, Jamie Beck (Jamie Beck) revived the pictures, and now these masterpieces win the hearts and minds of people from all over the world. And I was no exception.  

Inspired by the ingenuity of the famous photographer, I asked myself the question: "Why should not I try too?". I began to act. First started with finding the right ideas for shots, and as a result of many days of hard work and was able to achieve good results. I would not have coped if not for my muse, which for all the days were near, but still played a major role.   

Miracles happen, and that you can see for yourself by looking at my new job, which is called "Live Photography".  

We are always satisfied with the usual photos that show us just a moment, but they still have to live and warm. But you must admit, is much more pleasant to look at the photos with your loved ones that you are smiling and winking playfully, is not it? You will feel their breath, feel the silky hair, you will see unparalleled ease of movement as the wind ruffled their clothes, and sunlight causes them to squint playfully. Magic, otherwise it will not name.

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