Photographing food

The theme is very popular and very complicated. Why do professional photography? Because fans take pictures of delicious food as much as those who just love her to eat. And also, given the huge army of amateur photographers, all the pictures of the food can be clearly divided into professional (read competent from a technical and aesthetic point of view) and amateur... to the memory of food.

Professional photography of food and beverages to print large sizes for use in advertising, outdoor advertising, magazines and books. Therefore, the requirements for taking photos of food ready images in professional photography as high.

Thus, we consider how to carry out professional photography of food and beverages.

Professional photography of food is one of the most difficult areas in the advertising photography. In the process of taking pictures of food involved, as a rule, the whole team to get the result of high levels of quality.

On set, he worked for a chef (in the case of taking pictures of finished dishes) and fudstilist. These people are responsible for the quality and appearance of lint models for the upcoming shooting of food. If the site brought the finished product, such as confectionery or drinks in bottles, as well as photographing the food, it will only fudstilistu training products to take pictures of food products of this process.

On the Internet a lot of articles on the subject, photographing food, they shoot drinks, water, drops, and milk, but often the authors of these articles are not practicing photographers doing similar work or not often. I myself have often come across articles that describe the stories that shoot only natural products, or vice versa on the complete replacement of chemical products and the use of decoys.

The answer to this question can be obtained only from the serious, experienced practitioners and specialists. And the only correct decision in such cases does not exist. For example, for elemental images bottle with water drops, we use the first means for the primary coating bottle itself. Then a solution of glycerol and distilled water needed prepare the surface of the droplets. By taking pictures of drinks are prepared at once 2-3 variants of bottles, not to stop the process for the preparation of a new product.

Similarly happening and photographing beer and other beverages in the cup. Cooking Process 2-3 cups, apply a drop of the desired size, pour beer and achieve the desired shade of a liquid and then lay out the foam. If in the process of photographing our beer foam starts to fall and lose you want us to look fudstilist puts us a new mug with fresh foam.

To take pictures of food and hot meals are often used chemicals only to create an artificial steam, and the dish is usually completely natural. A professional fudstilista have their own techniques and tricks to make the dish look appetizing in the photo.

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