Creativity in design

Creative - the creative process of formation and implementation of the original idea. It is a pity that these ideas can not be patented.

Creative - is a relatively unique combination of expressive forms required for a particular purpose, calculated on the perception of the target audience, and, in special cases, control its behavior. Creative - is the creation of an advertising slogan and a bright image that helps to bring the message of the advertising to the consumer.

Creative - a synonym for the word "creativity, invention, originality, good solution", etc. In most cases, the word "creative" connect with advertising. And no wonder, since half the success of the campaign depends on creativity. That is how good the advertising promise is realized in advertising products, policies placement. With the help of creative advertising company should be possible to accurately accomplish its task.This kind of service that is sold advertising agency client. This is a development of the ideas of the campaign reports to the advertising message to the target audience. The concrete expression of this creativity depends on the medium (media), in which there will be advertising company.

Creativity exists in two forms:

1. Net creative - it is work, for example, artists, which uses uncomplicated creativity of one person. 2. The command "creative" is a group of people working on a project where have to adapt their ideas, thoughts to the relation with strictly your business needs. For example drafting of the vessel, an advertising campaign or creating a web-server.

When creativity is only part of a larger process of development, is beneficial to outsource. Often, outsourcing, design, designer, good appearance is normal, you can also do with creativity.

The creative process - is setting up your own brain to the same frequency. Once the adjustment has occurred, thoughts go one after the other. In order to set yourself up to follow certain rules.

If a person does not focus, no one says (including recorder), and writes nothing, his thoughts are muddled state. They jump from one direction to another. In such a situation, there is a lot of new ideas, but because of the fact that at each specific idea ofthe brain spends too little time, the emergence of ideas is random chaotic and the likelihood of a particular concept is not large, but it is possible, especially in cases of emergency:)

There are lots of kinds of creative activities. If you look good, you may be suspected of any kind of activity in the creative component. If we go further, we can conclude that everything that makes a person as a result of reduced creativity, for creative ideas.

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