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Very often, when it comes to the production of commercials for the company, the customer, in the form of estimates for the movie, the question is "Wow... Why so many? What there is: put the camera and press the «REC», we ourselves would be able to... Just so, if we're going to do it and who will be the turn the wheel of the industry?"... And what about the " industry " customer will be absolutely right! Everyone has to do their job.

Of what value is composed movie? And I 'll tell you!

For a start, that video was shot - he needs a script. Development of the script - the pleasure is not free. The fact that the script infomercial - this is not Short-lived comedy "I met with the product" or something like that, it's well conceived plan to conquer the location exactly your customer to your product exactly. Not one (of course respecting yourself and your work) creatives would not write a script without first having read the brief. Brief - this is a document that you have asked, or if you do not have such, be sure to offer to fill professionals. In its essence, the brief - this technical specification for video. Fill (make) it must be very careful, detailed and most importantly... honest.

After reviewing the brief, your product, creatives first carefully examine your consumer. Find out what's important in life, what gets your feet, why not go for dinner, what looks TNT and what kind of air freshener uses the toilet. After that, having comprehensive information about the person who has to buy your product creators will write to you three scenarios for the conquest of the consumer in 30 seconds with a description of why it is so and not otherwise.

This trio of scenarios is an average of $500 to $2,000. Value depends mainly on the set of characters constituting the name of the person who signs up for this difficulty.

Many believe that to pay for it is not worth it... Hmm, let's see more!

So, we have three scenarios. Selected one and, in fact, begin to create a TV commercial!

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