What are brain stimulants?

Many of us do not have enough hours in the day to perform the tasks posed by life. This is especially true of business people and students who combine study and work.

In order to stay afloat and keep up with more than humanly possible, some seriously think about taking the drug, increases efficiency. Stimulants of the brain can be divided into three groups. The first category - drugs "nootropics", which are not intended for healthy people, since their use without a prescription leads to sad consequences: depleted nervous system, increased irritability, depression, and there is a number of somatic abnormalities. The second group includes legal, but it is not harmless brain stimulants: caffeine and nicotine. Finally, the plant "dope" for the brain: Chinese lemongrass and ginkgo biloba, efficiency and safety are proved by centuries of experience and research scientists.

Natural adaptogens

It should be noted that the effect of extracts of these plants is not limited to positive changes in the central nervous system and brain. Plant adaptogens are used as bracing means to improve work capacity, improve metabolism and endocrine regulation of the body. Therefore, brain stimulators data called adaptogens: they help strengthen the body's defenses and help the person to "acclimate" in a situation of stress and when the load increases. Research Chemicals for the brain are non-toxic, non-addictive and are much softer than their chemical counterparts.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaves, which are extracted from the miracle extract, growing on a tree - a contemporary of the dinosaurs. Ginkgo Biloba - this is one of the few plants that survived the Ice Age. Doctors prescribe this medication reception circulatory disorders of various etiologies. A safe and effective drug significantly improves blood circulation in the whole food and brain cells. Ginkgo biloba - a recognized means to improve mental abilities and memory. The drug must be taken course - 3 months, a single application will not give a noticeable result. Contraindicated brain stimulators based on gingko biloba for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, severe hypotension and circulatory disorders.

Chinese magnolia vine

This plant has a stimulating effect, its tonic properties have long been used residents of the Far East, where they faced a long exhausting hunt. Due to the high concentration of biologically active components of lemongrass infusion improves brain function, stimulant effect on the nervous system and improves muscle tone. Preparations of this plant is contraindicated for chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia and depression.

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