Experienced players and beginners

Slot machines have come to us in the 90s. Then shining bright slots enjoyed incredible popularity, deservedly received the nickname of "one-armed bandits", able to empty the pockets of players without the use of weapons. Modern devices have long moved to underground casinos, online or in the scope of formal play areas under the influence of Russian law.

Experienced players and beginners tend to use their own strategies and tactics, giving an advantage over others. However, to apply one strategy and then to all gambling is not necessary, since the practice refutes this tactic. For experienced players confirm that for a successful game of roulette require a strategy, and to win in poker - different. None of them are not suitable for gaming machines, as in this case will require an original approach.

How to win at slots
Some people believe that raising rates while playing the machines can not. It is believed that it is better to lead the entire game on the same rate at which it was begun and. Doing this is better as long as not to be played by all means and is on the balance sheet will not be the correct amount. Another position - selection of slots to minimum bids, giving more chances to win a jackpot. Others constantly raise rates as long as you are lucky to disrupt the maximum gain.

In connection with this very natural question arises: whether to raise rates needed during the game? Each player has his own opinion on this matter, but they all differ. Some players prefer to raise rates, and others - is strictly forbidden. The essence of the rate increase is related to the amount laid down in the sequencer software.

Martingale system - this is one of the most recognizable strategies. It is directly connected with a tape measure, but every player has a chance to win, and therefore should double the bet on each loss. However, the technology only works with games in which the chance of loss and victory is more than 50% (eg, tape). If roulette bet on red and black to get in the back next to the need to increase the rate of loss by half. In this case, each new rate becomes larger to win twice. This only works in similar games and similar rates. Win on this technology can be, but not always.

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In slots, this technology does not always work, because it can not be applied universally. The slot machine odds of winning considerably less than 50%, but because the professionals are advised to raise rates gradually, without accurate rapid strategy. If one line 1 coin, half the coins can be delivered the next time it was delivered, and after - to put two lines on a half or two coins. The gradual increase does not harm anyone.

Consequently, to sit at the slot machines only need a good strategy and a positive attitude. Bids better raise evenly. If the game does not go and lose changes to lose, better to leave the slot or take the opportunity to play slot machines for free. Remember that the money saved, too, in a sense, it can be considered a win.

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