ESIC wants to stop illegal gambling in eSports

ESIC fight against illegal dota 2 bets.

The newly formed Coalition for Integrity eSports (O ESIC English) wants to stand up to the dark betting business, which could reach 2000 million dollars today, and they are flourishing in eSports taking advantage of the deregulation They exist in these new disciplines.

Ian Smith has been appointed as commissioner of the organization. With a resume fighting corruption and doping in so damaged by these phenomena such as Cricket and Athletics, sports declares: "I get very hard. It is very rare and exciting find a blank slate on which to work, as with the eSports "

ESIC poses called "The Program" based on three pillars: The code of conduct, which specifies what should and should not publicly make a participant of a tournament you want to comply with the directions of the organization, in addition to the anti-doping codes, the which is in the hands of the organizers use it or not, and corruption, which limits players the ability to bet on their own eSport, filtering sensitive information or match-fixing.

Besides all this:

ESIC has the help of Sportradar, which will help them to follow in real time the bets are made and detect changes such as large amounts wagered in a short space of time by certain option, which would set off alarms of the organization, tournaments and authorities.

The aim of this ambitious project is to build confidence in the public and investors and sponsors, especially those outside electronic sports that are starting in the sector, but do not want to stain their names with scandals like the one a few days ago.

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