Advantages of the wooden floor

For centuries, people used wood as a natural building material. The houses and other structures built from this material have always been distinguished by their coziness. Later, when the fashion for the construction of brick buildings came, the builders did not abandon the use of wood for the floor. The floor, which was made of this natural material, could guarantee and still have excellent strength and ability to upgrade. In addition, a person could feel closer to nature.

What is the difference between terracotta tiles and wooden floors? Terracotta tiles have up to 5-7 years of warranty, and the wooden floor can be sold with a warranty of up to 30 years. Properly maintained wood can withstand decades even in outdoor conditions. The main types of work on maintenance of floors from natural material, which is wood, include easy cleaning, maintenance in attractive form and maintenance.

In case of damage, the wooden floor can be repaired in the shortest possible time. Get a free quote on carpet or wood flooring by 123floor a St Albans floor company

Life in harmony with nature for us is now becoming more important. We appreciate the stay in the premises, which have a pleasant effect on our mood and positively affect our health. Wooden floor has a beneficial effect on our body, so many people have long established in their rooms wooden floors. Such floors create a peculiar microclimate. It is a porous and hygroscopic material. It ideally can adjust the conditions that prevail in the room. Excess water is absorbed from the air, and in the dry season (in winter) the humidity in the room is slightly increased by the accumulated moisture in the wood. This allows the wooden floor to play a peculiar role in regulating the climate in the room. In winter, when the room is heated, you can see the gaps between the wooden elements. From this it follows that the wood is compressed, as it loses moisture.

In addition, it is worthwhile to know that the tree "breathes" and ionizes the air. This material is not electrified, does not attract dust, which is important for people suffering from allergies.

Natural floors also provide thermal insulation of the room, in which you will feel as if your floor hides a small heater. In addition, it provides electrical and acoustic insulation.

Wood can be easily stored, as this material is environmentally friendly. After removing such a floor, it can be biodegradable. Increasingly, it can easily be used in recycling processes for the production of wood materials, if it does not release toxic substances.

Fortunately, due to its durability, wooden floors change much less often than many other popular coatings.

Wooden floor is one of the most beautiful elements in any interior. Unique colors and patterns of the rings of wood will provide an original look to your floor, and, therefore, satisfaction for years to come. In addition, wood is a material that blends well with many other raw materials and plastics that have an important role in decorating the interior. The wooden floor gives the room a cozy and warm appearance, and the raw wood also emits an aroma that many will like.

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